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Homeware and lighting at discount prices - we have some truly stunning items which you really must see!

With 2 suppliers, shop here for; decorative paintings, curtains & drapes, rugs, wall clocks, throw pillow covers, artificial flowers, oil paintings, wallpaper, framed art, canvas prints, wall décor, lighting, light strips & strings, chandeliers, pendant lights, lighting accessories, ceiling lights & fans, indoor lighting, light bulbs & outdoor lighting.


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Where are item is mains powered, remember to select the correct voltage, The UK uses 220-240v while the US uses 110-120v. Our suppliers check that these items will work in the UK/US before adding them to the online stores.

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Menu Item - Decorative Paintings

Using the menu on the left hand side, you'll see a host of items, the first menu item for decorative paintings has some truly exquisite canvas pictures at exceptionally low prices.

Inside the store, on the left hand side, you'll see a menu of "Related categories", you can click here to see other products from this supplier.

Menu Item - Curtains & Drapes

Our curtains and drapes section includes Curtain Drapes, Sheer Curtains, 3D Curtains, Blackout Curtains, Kids Curtains and Door Panel Curtains. If you're looking for curtains, then you really do need to take a look, the 3D curtains are truly stunning!

Menu Item - Rugs

If you're looking for Rugs, with over 500 rugs to choose from you're sure to see something that you like, whether it's square, rectangular or circular!

Menu Item - Wall clocks

With over 1000 wall clocks to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice! We have:-

  • Modern Wall Clocks
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Rustic Wall Clocks
  • DIY Wall Clocks
  • Mirrored Wall Clocks
  • Cartoon Wall Clocks

Menu Item - Throw Pillow Covers

We've also got a fantastic selection of throw pillow covers for your sofa, favourite chair or anywhere else that you think needs a pillow at truly unbelievable prices…they won’t be around for long!

Menu Item - Artificial Flowers

With over 3000 artificial flowers to choose from (able top flowers, floor flowers, wall flowers and  basket flowers, you can choose from :-

  • Orchids
  • Roses
  • Hydrangeas
  • Lilies
  • Peonies
  • Sunflowers
  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Plants
  • Calla Lily
  • Fruit
  • Baby Breath
  • Carnations
  • Lavender
  • Violets
  • Sakura
  • Camellia
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Eternal Flowers
  • Succulent plants
  • Vase

Menu Item - Oil Paintings

A range of over 700 items including

  • Abstract Paintings
  • People Paintings
  • Floral/Botanical Paintings
  • Landscape Paintings
  • POP (Pop Art) Oil Paintings
  • Animal Paintings

Menu Item - Wallpaper

We have got a range of 1800 wall papers and murals to choose from, some superb designs at massive discounts off RRP!

Menu Item - Framed Art

A range of over 1500 framed pictures in the following categories:-

  • Abstract
  • Floral / Botanical
  • Landscape
  • Animals
  • Modern
  • Botanical
  • Still Life
  • People
  • Cartoon
  • Fantasy

Menu Item - Canvas Prints

We have over 3500 prints to choose from, with the following subjects; Abstract, Famous, Landscape, People, Still Life, Romance, Botanical, Fantasy, Leisure, Cartoon, Words & Quotes, Architecture , Photographic, Maps, Floral / Botanical, Animals, Pop Art, Travel, Arts, Birds, Cats, Nature & Outdoors, Seasons  and Celestial, all in the following styles; Contemporary, Classic, Rustic, Traditional, Vintage, Realism, Modern & European.

Menu Item - Wall Decor

We have over 2500 items, including wall tapestries (large full wall sized pictures printed on material), diamond paintings, dreamcatchers, wall accents and wall sheves and ledges, you really do need to take a look and allow yourself to be inspired!

Menu Item - Lighting

Within lighting we have :-

Light Strips & Strings

  • LED Strip Lights
  • LED String Lights
  • String Light Sets


  • Sputnik Design
  • Candle-Style Design
  • Globe Design
  • Lantern Design

Pendant Lights

  • Circle Design
  • Island Lights
  • Cluster Design
  • Lantern Design

Lighting Accessories

  • Power Supply
  • Lamp Bases & Connectors
  • LED Accessories
  • Light Switches
  • Light Bulbs
  • Sockets
  • LED Drivers

Ceiling Lights & Fans

  • Dimmable Ceiling Lights
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Flush Mounts & Semi Flush Mounts
  • Ceiling Fan Lights
  • Ceiling Light Kits

Indoor Lighting

  • Indoor Wall Lights
  • Plant Growing Lights
  • LED Recessed Lights
  • Indoor Night Lights
  • LED Cabinet Lights
  • Rigid LED Light Bars
  • Stage Lights
  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • LED Track Lights

Light Bulbs

  • LED Bi-pin Lights
  • Incandescent Bulbs
  • LED Corn Lights
  • LED Spot Lights
  • LED Globe Bulbs
  • LED Filament Bulbs
  • LED Tube Lights
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • Decoration Bulbs
  • Multi-pack Light Bulbs

Outdoor Lighting

  • LED Flood Lights
  • Outdoor Wall Lights
  • Underwater Lights
  • Pathway Lights
  • LED Camping Lights
  • LED Solar Lights
  • Post Lights